Digital contactless QR & NFC pricelist / menu

QR & NFC digital contactless multilingual pricelist & menu for all catering and service activities with  dual price display. Let your price list be online.

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Modernize Your pricelists & menus

An ideal solution for everything, wheter it is a cafe, hair salon, gym, restaurant or any other activity. Give Your customers a quick and easy view of the price list with contactless access via scanning a QR code or NFC. Connect the price list to Your website or application. A contactless solution that offer more than a classic price list on paper.

Be digital, be online.


Free Wi-Fi

Add possibility to connect on Wi-Fi via QR code or NFC chip. Quick and easy without asking for Wi-Fi. Your guests will be delighted with this option. Digitalize connecting on Wi-Fi and provide Your guests with the fastest connection method.

Scan or tap, so simple…


More than a menu

Digital & green

Speed up Your business, raise the user experience to a new higher level. The contactless menu is intended for everyone, wheter it is a restaurant or fast food. Provide Your guests with a menu on their mobile phone. All they need to do is turn on camera on their mobile phone and scan the QR code or tap with phone on sticker. Simple access via mobile phone without the need to install an application. In order to give Your guests a better insight into your complete offer, use the advantages of QR & NFC contactless menu. Provide Your foreign guests view in their native language with just one click. Contribute to the digital and green transition.

Super fast, simple and contactless NFC & QR code menu for faster and secure use for restaurants, cafes, bars, beauty salons, hair salons and other. Say goodbye to physical menus. View the menu on any mobile device without downloading the app. Guests can instantly access Your menu by taping NFC or scanning the QR code with the smartphone camera. It works with all systems and internet browsers.

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Fast and simple to work

Via our system fast and simple manage Your price list.

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Design management

Choose design which fits Your activity.


Easy and simple

Via our system manage Your pricelists without restrictions.



All price list changes are visible in real time.



Design adapted to all devices and screen sizes.



Simple editing of the pricelist via management system.



Detailed instructions of management system use.



All price list changes are free and visible immediately.


Be one step ahead

Use a system more advanced than the competition. Manage the price list Yourself at any time from any location and device. Add social media links. To access the price list, it is not necessary to download the mobile application. Provide clients with fast, simple, secure and accurate informations. The digital price list is a hygienic and epidemiologically accepatable solution. The system can be used by several users.

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Price list features

The most advanced digital price list allows You to work with categories and subcategories of items. Work with the norm and variations of articles. Add items combinations and happy hour specials. Adjust the deisgn to Your needs. Enable the price list to be viewed in multiple languages. Notify the user about upcoming events and promotions. Provide insight into working hours and delivery hours with a dual display of prices. Use the digital price list as a new sales channel.


Everything a price list needs

On Your hand

Multilingualism and dual price display

View price list in multiple languages ​​with dual price display.

Company details and additional information

Add detailed legal information about the company and additional information related to the price list or the company.

Opening hours and delivery hours

Provide users with insight into business hours and delivery hours.

Events and promotions

Notify users about upcoming events and promotions.

Search and sort items

Easily search and sort items.

Information and pictures

Add description and image to items.

Labels and standards

Mark the item as new, featured, unavailable or available depending on the day of the week or hours of the day. Attach the norm to the article.

Related articles and composition

Display cross-sell and up-sell items. Add allergens to the item and mark it as vegan or vegetarian.

Payment methods and social networks

Show possible payment methods and add links to social networks.

Mode of operation and types of articles

Choose night or day mode. Create an individual item, a combination, a happy hour promotion or a variation of an individual item.


Price list design

Let Your price list be online


Modern design of price list with images.


Dark design of digital price list for all hospitality objects.


Digital price list design adapted for all activities.


Modern look of price list with pictures for restaurants.


Modern price list look with small pictures for cafes and bars.


Minimalistic design for cafes and service activities.


Minimalistic look of price list without images for all activities.


Contactless digital price list design for restaurants.


We will design a fresh look which fit Your needs.


Choose a package

Take advantage of the free 15-day trial period

*All prices are expressed without VAT.

** €1 = HRK 7.53450

Making stickers is €40 / HRK 301.38 (VAT included), including 30 stickers + 30 NFC chips



Be online, be digital

What is a QR code?

A QR code is a type of two-dimensional code used to write and read data.

How to access the online price list?

The price list can be accessed via QR code or NFC chip.

Turn on the camera -> scan the QR code -> check the prices

Turn on NFC -> touch your mobile phone -> check prices

How to set up and edit the digital price list?

Setting and editing the price list is done through the management system. After registration, you get a user profile and access to the system.

How to get stickers?

We will make a design for you according to your wishes or choose one of the offered ones. We also offer printing of plasticized labels that can be easily stuck and peeled off the table. For NFC access, we send chips together with stickers.

Who can use the price list?

QR and NFC price list can be used by all guests with smartphones.

When does the service become active?

The service is active immediately.

What is NFC?

NFC is a wireless technology for transferring data over short distances between two devices.

Is there a free trial?

Yes. Contact us to create a user account for you to try the service.

Do I have to set the price list myself?

No. We can set up and manage the price list for you.

How can I pay?

Payment is made through the invoice that we will send to your email.

Can I add a price list to my website?

An API is available that can be easily integrated into your existing solution. For Joomla and WordPress systems, install the add-on that we will send you via email.

Do they really have to be stickers?

No, we can print the code and nfc chip on various accessories such as PVC stands.


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